How to Unlock the Potential of Digital Heritage for Use in Education?

EUROCLIO Network Coordinator Jaco Stoop was invited by the Swedish Museums of World Cultures to share EUROCLIO’s ideas about the use of digital tools in education. Many museums, libraries, and archives are working to digitise their collections, and making them available to educators. However, there are still many obstacles that […]

Connecting Central Europe Through Local History

Connecting Central Europe Through Local History The conceptual foundation of the project relies on finding linkages between the personal “small” history and the national and regional “big history”. The “small” history carries with it deep significance for people’s personal identity, and shows in depth the complexity of history. These experiences help to […]

Discovering Diversity

Discovering Diversity An Integrative Approach towards the History of Migration Within the Discovering Diversity project a methodology has been developed that helps history and civic teachers to connect the individual history of students to the local and larger history of migration in the Euro-Med region. The idea behind this methodology […]

IHEA Team Tours the Netherlands with New myHistoriana e-Learning Environment

As part of EUROCLIO’s project “Innovating History Education for All“, the Historiana website has been both renewed and extended. Historiana offers free historical content, ready to use learning activities, and innovative digital tools made by and for history educators across Europe. The development of the e-Learning environment is also supported […]

Final Project Meeting on Historiana and Online Learning in IHEA Project

In the context of the IHEA project (Innovating History Education for All) the project partners met for the final time. Maren Tirbukait from Georg Eckert Institute (GEI), Jakub Lorenc and Jacek Staniszewski from Educational Research Institute (IBE), Helen Snelson from Mount School York (MSY) with online participation of Nique Sanders […]

New Historiana Modules on World War II and the Cold War in the Making

From 17 to 19 February 2017, the historical content team of Historiana met in EUROCLIO’s Secretariat in The Hague to discuss the future developments of Historiana. On Friday, the team worked with EUROCLIO’s new trainees to support them in the searching of sources for a multi-stranded timeline of key events […]

Historiana Labs: AR & QR

Ahoy ye mateys, ‘tis been a while since I’ve written a blog. You probably don’t remember (or maybe some of our devoted readers do), but I’ve been away for half a year, out to sail the Atlantic. While I didn’t pick up any parrots or peglegs, I might have gained […]

“Silencing” Pilot of Learning Activities: “Would You Like to Play in the Orchestra?”

On 11th and 17th of October, several learning activities developed within the project Silencing Citizens through Censorship. Learning from Europe’s 20th Century Dictatorial and Totalitarian Regimes were successfully piloted with students and teachers at the Professional Training Centre in Bologna (CIOFS-FP E.R.). Silencing Citizens Through Censorship On 11 October, Enrico Cavalieri […]

Historiana Labs: The 3D-Gallery Generator

    This is a digital tool from Russell Tarr’s popular classtools website. Your students create a virtual 3D gallery. In order to do this they need to act as the curator of their own exhibition. Curation requires them to develop criteria to decide what to put into their exhibition. They then […]