“Sharing European Histories” Kicks-Off in Gdansk

From April 5-7, the Kick-off meeting for the Sharing European Histories Project was held in parallel to the Annual Conference in Gdansk. EUROCLIO partnered with the Evens Foundation on this project because both organizations believe that opening up a space to engage with the dissonant and often conflicting nature of […]

Sharing European Histories

The past is often a source of conflicting interpretations rather than easy consensus. Still, historical identity is central to relations between states and people in the here and now. In our diverse European society, we cannot escape history when seeking to understand the present in our search for a common […]

Conflict Matters Conference in London

Taking place every two years, Conflict Matters – organised by the Evens Foundation – is a conference exploring the transformative potential of conflict on societies and individuals. This year, the conference will focus on the theme of conflict transformation through education. The three day event, taking place in London from […]

How can we deal with conflicts in a constructive way – in schools, in families, in society?

It’s this question that the Evens Foundation invites you; teachers, educators, parents and policymakers, to explore at the Conflict Matters Conference in Brussels (21-23 October 2015). The Conflict Matters conference is a unique opportunity to learn all about inspiring practices and to forge new partnerships to advance constructive conflict-management education in the EU. With the right […]

Evens Foundation supports Historiana WW1 Module

EUROCLIO is thrilled to announce that The Evens Foundation agreed to support the further development of the Historiana World War One Module! The WWI Module consists of a package of (online) learning resources that is being developed to help educators to put the First World War in a wider perspective. The module will consist […]