From 1 to 4 July 2013 EuroClio organised a special Historiana meeting in the Hague within the project EuropeanaCreative – History Education Pilot. The main aim of this meeting was the development of a new “Learning” section on the Historiana website. In this section there will be place for all items related to teaching and learning methods and challenges. It will feature resources such as guides, how to’s and exemplary lesson plans. The most innovative items will however be the Learning Tools. These tools allow teachers to create learning activities for their students online. This brings a whole new experience in the classrooms and on the way history can be taught. Online learning activities can be a very good addition to working with the regular textbooks.

In this meeting Historiana editors, the EuroClio Secretariat and the webdevelopers presented their ideas to teachers and historians to get critical feedback on their preliminary sketches. There was also the opportunity to work with sources from the Europeana database to develop some new ideas. Some really creative and inspiring work has been done and it brought new food for thought for both the Historiana team and the webdevelopers. The first prototypes for Learning Tools will be presented in autumn, so don’t throw your books out of the window just yet!