On the 4th of April, EuroClio Programme Director Steven Stegers and Trainee Dorien van Duivenboden were invited by Fontys (Hogeschool) in Tilburg to organise a training about Historiana for a group of 20 future history teachers in the Netherlands. Steven gave a presentation about the development of Historiana website. He explained the origins of Historiana and how history teachers can benefit from this online learning environment and the endless possibilities of the ability to access and use sources from the Europeana Collections.

After the presentation the history teachers started to work with Historiana, partly as an assignment for their own course.  They worked on the source collection ‘The visual front’ that shows pictures of the First World War and made online learning activities with this website. They also gave feedback on the Historiana website. One of improvements that teaches would like to see for the website is a progress bar that shows the progress of the downloading of the website. With some adjustments yet to be made, the future history teachers were enthusiastic about Historiana. They saw the big and various online primary source collection as very beneficial.

After the training Steven stated that “It was constructive feedback that will be implemented on Historiana in the future. We can learn the most about the needs of the teachers by giving them these kinds of trainings and with their feedback we can further improve Historiana.”