As part of the continuing development of a module about the Cold War on Historiana, Andrea Scionti and Bob Stradling of the Historical Content team paid a visit to the EuroClio Secretariat in the Hague on the 20th of September. The module aims to provide history educators with easily-accessible and reusable content relating to the Cold War through a detailed, source-based exploration of various themes.

The meeting – following their last visit in June – was the first with a new batch of Trainees at EuroClio, who will be working on the existing source collections “1968” – reflecting a pivotal year in world history – and “Living with the Bomb” – which explores the realities of everyday life during the Cold War. They will also be contributing to the development of two new collections: “the Korean War” – which will showcase the conflict from various different perspectives – and “the World on the Brink of Destruction” – which will look at how the world experienced the threat of nuclear annihilation at the height of the Cold War.

While in the Hague, the team – along with Web Developer Nique Sanders – also discussed practical elements of the development of Historiana, aiming to further enhance the accessibility of the site.

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