EUROCLIO Members from all 28 EU Countries Discuss “Teaching Europe”

From 25 until 27 September 2015, 30 history and citizenship educators, representing Member organisations from all EU-countries met at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona for the first meeting of the project “Teaching ‘Europe’ to enhance EU cohesion: European Integration as a subject of study in secondary school education in the […]

How to Actively Engage Students in Deep Learning about the European Union?

From 26 to 28 June, the team working on the “Decisions and Dilemma: Learning about the EU from a historical perspective” project met in The Hague for the 3rd and final development meeting. They are working on the development of a package of engaging learning sources. The project team aims to […]

Workshops on History of European Cooperation Peer-Reviewed at Annual Conference Denmark

During the EUROCLIO Annual Conference in Denmark, Learning Editor Helen Snelson and Content Editor Francesco Scatigna, together with team member Ineke Veldhuis-Meester led two peer-review sessions with materials developed in the Decisions and Dilemmas project and received valuable feedback from the international group of participants. The first workshop focused on ‘Understanding change and continuity in the search for […]

Active Historiana Training on Teaching the Napoleonic Wars

Almost 50 educators coming from 25 different countries were involved in the Historiana training day during the International Training seminar Teaching 1815. Rethinking the Battle of Waterloo from Multiple Perspectives which served as the start of the development process of a Historiana module on the Napoleonic Wars. Using the techniques and tools that the Historiana programme […]