EuroClio would not be able to exist without the dedication of the many people who support its mission and its work. Our Board is responsible for the governance of EuroClio. Our Staff, supported by Trainees, manage EuroClio’s projects and events. Our Ambassadors are representing EuroClio during key events and over a hundred people contribute to the work of EuroClio as authors, editors, trainers or speakers each year. We are very grateful for all their contributions.

We welcome the membership of organisations, associations, and institutes dealing with history, heritage, and citizenship education in and beyond Europe. EuroClio strives to offer a series of opportunities to its member organisations and associations who wish to influence education reform processes, collaborate with larger cross-border networks, participate in professional development training, and steer the member organisation or association through democratic participation. The EuroClio Secretariat provides support to members in a variety of ways, such as through networking, capacity building, preparation, and planning of activities and other related actions. 

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