At the end of August the Historiana Teaching and Learning team came together with the Historical Content Team in Gdansk, Poland for their annual meeting. This year they discussed ideas for the future development of Historiana with the webdevelopers, and worked on exemplar activities using the online tools that are developed in the framework of the IHEA project. They made use of the sources from the WW2 source collections developed by the Historical Content Team in cooperation with EuroClio trainees, and EUROPEANA sources.

The team was updated on the latest web developments, specifically related to the online learning environment and the eLearning tools. In an active session, webdesigner Nique Sanders of Webtic discussed ideas on how the Student and Teacher interaction could work in the future. In another session Steven Stegers presented ideas for a new way of showing historical content on Historiana, moving away from a hierarchical structure to a structure of interrelations, whereby several narratives can be told using existing content. The team also had intensive working sessions to develop eLearning activities with the developed tools and the eActivity builder on Historiana. At the moment the webdevelopers and EuroClio team are working hard to finalise this all. The eLearning environment, tools to develop your own online activities and the exemplar activities made by the team will be available on Historiana from November!