The visit of Historiana chief editor Bob Stradling was held at the EuroClio Secretariat in The Hague from the 17th to the 20th of March, with the active participation of all EuroClio team members involved in the Historiana – Your Portal to the Past programme. The trainees especially enjoyed the opportunity to work with Bob Stradling and they were further enticed to become actively involved in future programme activities and to contribute to the development of innovative, high quality, balanced educational material.

His visit had the intention to agree on a strategy on delivering the content of the Historiana First World War Module up to July. This would be accompanied by the further development of specific projects: the Multi-Stranded Timeline, TimeMap and the Multiperspectivity Video. Furthermore, plans would be made for the future meetings held in Sarajevo and London. Bob also visited the secretariat to map project opportunities to further develop Historiana.