During the EdTechXEurope 2018 Summit, Steven Stegers (EuroClio) joined Milena Popova (Europeana), Alain Thillay (French Ministry of Education), Federica Pascotto (Art Stories) during the panel discussion “Ecosystem unite! Collaboration across the field as the key to unlocking progress”. During this panel, Steven was asked to tell more about the cooperation between EuroClio and Europeana, the impact that this cooperation had on the teachers that EuroClio serves, and about the future plans for cooperation. In response, Steven shared that most of the cooperation between EuroClio and Europeana has focussed on the development of Historiana, with the main aim of supporting history educators to make best use of digital heritage for quality education. He explained that EuroClio can help educators search the digital collections of museums and archives from all across Europe and has worked to develop sources collections that are curated and contextualised. In the coming period EuroClio and Europeana will work with Webtic and partners on improving the discoverability of (re)-sources, will support teacher trainers to use Historiana in their education programme, and develop interactive ways in which Europeana sources can be used.