The first core team meeting of the Historiana project “Innovating History Education for All” took place The Hague on 17th and 18th of February, kindly hosted by the International Baccalaureate headquarters.

The six active history teachers that are part of the core team come from Croatia, Georgia, Island, Netherlands and United Kingdom. The core team was joined by Jenny Gillett from the International Baccalaureate and Suzanne Lommers from European Digital Museum for Science & Technology for part of the meeting. Throughout this project, 4 new online tools will be developed for Historiana, with which history educators can design their own online learning activities in English or in their own languages.

This meeting was the start of the developing process of these tools, which will be based on overarching principles that history educators use to promote historical thinking. The core team members spoke with Nique Sanders from the Historiana webdeveloper WEBtic on these principles as a start of this process.

The next steps will be to focus on the transnational source collections that will be developed within the project and how these can be used for teaching and further work on the development of the tools. Simultaneously the IBE is working on its needs assessment of online learning specifically for history education, for which they will have several focus groups during the EuroClio Annual Conference in Denmark.