In the EuroClio project Decisions and Dilemmas many beautiful life stories have been developed. Currently four German educators are working on translating these stories into German, and they could use your help! In this Google Document, you will be able to see the progress of translations, and you can submit your name to one of the stories and contribute to translating! More information (in German) can be found on Daniel Bernsen’s blog, here.

The project Decisions and Dilemmas: Learning about the EU from a historical perspective engages a cross-border and mixed group of academics and school educators in the fields of history and citizenship into the collaborative development, testing and implementation of online cross-border educational modules for both history and citizenship at secondary school level. The modules will be integrated to a comprehensive body of sources, case studies and learning activities featuring on Historiana (, an online educational portal developed by EuroClio to provide access to high-quality resources that are selected, developed and tested in order to promote active learning, critical thinking and multi-perspectivity in history.