In the Hague, on 24 April the Europeana Foundation Board, where EuroClio is member, was meeting to discuss a long agenda. Except for the ordinary topics, two issues stood out.

The first one was the sustainability of this incredible vast digital library collection. The structural funding is according to European Commissioner Kroes not guaranteed, providing that Europeana will not be able explain its goals, to demonstrate its impact and  (European) added value and to create (a greater) financial independence. Her proposed budget of for digital infrastructures for 2014-2020 has been reduced by 89%, and therefore obtaining grants  for implementing organisations, such as Europeanan will be extremely competitive. And also the political support for culture is not very fashionable. The other issue was the need to develop a improved model for Europeana Governance, better catering different groups of stakeholders and trying to obtain greater involvement of national authorities. Several working groups were established to address these issues. Get an impression about what Europeana can offer