From 26 to 28 June, the team working on the “Decisions and Dilemma: Learning about the EU from a historical perspective” project met in The Hague for the 3rd and final development meeting. They are working on the development of a package of engaging learning sources. The project team aims to get away from the boring approach that focuses primarily on treaties, membership and institutions by focusing on an issue-based or even a ‘crisis-based’ approach, which in the view of the project team goes to the heart of the concerns of the students and their parents. In addition, the project team aims to help educators to put the EU in its historical context.

During the meeting the team reviewed life stories that were to learn about the experiences of ordinary people across Europe after World War 2, worked on a template for research and discussion on challenges that the European Community faced after it was founded, and further developed learning activities around a timeline on managing conflict through times of change that has been created for the project to see how European compares to previous initiatives to manage conflict. All the learning resources will be published on the Historiana Learning Section and be used for an international training that will take place on 12-15 February 2016. For more information, please contact