The aim of the co-creation workshop is to facilitate cooperation between the partners working on Historiana and the other EuropeanaCreative partners in order to further stimulate the re-use of Europeana’s cultural heritage resources through the Historiana portal. To reach this goal there will be attendants from the field of content providers and history educators. Web developer Webtic and editors Bob Stradling and Ineke Veldhuis-Meester will participate on behalf of the Historiana team.

The topics that are on the agenda for day 1 of the co-creation workshop are: various ways of presenting Europeana content on the Historiana portal; ways in which this content can be used for online learning; how these online learning activities can be used in the classroom; the further dissemination of Historiana and lastly: new features, uses or improvements for the history education pilot.

Day 2 will be about the ways in which content providers and web developers can support the process of stimulating the re-use of cultural heritage resources from the Europeana database through the Historiana portal.