Since 1992 it has been EuroClio’s mission to inspire and support educators to engage learners in innovative and responsible history and citizenship education. To ensure that our work and services really fulfil practitioners’ needs, we strive to be guided by and cooperate with individuals and associations throughout our activities. These individuals and associations are EuroClio Members.

All the work that we do at EuroClio is at the service and support of our members. We offer opportunities to those organisations, associations, and individuals who wish to influence education reform processes, collaborate with larger cross-border networks, participate in professional development training, and steer EuroClio through democratic participation.

We wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without the help and support of our members, who are pivotal in flagging the needs of education professionals in their local and regional contexts, as well as in ensuring that the material we develop is useful for and able to reach as many educators as possible (including by peer reviewing and translating selected content).

In the past few years, we have also started to work on a series of services and benefits that are exclusively dedicated to our members, as a means to promote and nurture the tightly knit community of history and citizenship educators that we were able to create, to provide tailored support to our members, and to thank all of them for their invaluable help.

We offer three membership schemes. You can join as:

Individual Members are all education professionals that are interested in and support EuroClio’s mission. As an Individual Member, you have access to a series of services and benefits, including free participation to all online trainings, dedicated networking sessions, and a discount to join face-to-face events.

Individual Membership fees can be set autonomously, and range from 20 to 100 EUR annually.

More information on Individual Membership

Full Members are (national) teachers’ association with a democratic structure and a focus on the teaching of history/heritage/citizenship. Being a Full Member of EuroClio comes with many benefits, including getting advice on funding opportunities, free participation to all our online trainings, access to a training catalogue, as well as with the responsibility of steering EuroClio forward by voting during our annual General Assembly.

Full Membership fees depend on the size and location of the  organisation.

More information on Full Membership

Associated Members are organisations that are active in the education sector and support EuroClio’s mission. Associated Members have access to a series of valuable services, including being part of a tight and active international professional network, possibility to ask feedback on project initiatives and design, and a dedicated newsletter.

Associated Membership fees amount to 80 EUR annually.

More information on Associated Membership

For more information on membership and membership services, please contact us at

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