From 17 to 19 February 2017, the historical content team of Historiana met in EuroClio’s Secretariat in The Hague to discuss the future developments of Historiana. On Friday, the team worked with EuroClio’s new trainees to support them in the searching of sources for a multi-stranded timeline of key events in World War II (similar to the one made for World War I) and source collections for a module on the Cold War. On Saturday, the historical content team reviewed the progress made on the World War II module and planned the further development of the Cold War module. The team also agreed on a strategy in which the EuroClio community will have a bigger say in which modules will be developed in the future, and how to recruit new members for the historical content team. This new strategy will be piloted in the creation of resources on the Russian Revolution, which will have its centennial this year.