In October, EuroClio Programme Director Steven Stegers and Network Coordinator Jaco Stoop attended the kick-off of the Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure phase 3. The Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) showcases and provides online access to Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage. EuroClio – Inspiring History and Citizenship Educators is part of a large consortium consisting of the Europeana Foundation as coordinator as well as 27 other partners from ten different countries. The consortium that operates the Europeana DSI creates access, interoperability, visibility and use of European cultural heritage in our target markets. The Europeana DSI manages data for use in education, research and creative industries as well as engaging European citizens by providing access to Europeana Collections and Europeana thematic collections.

The main objectives of the consortium are:

  • Discovery, use and engagement for users in our target markets by operating Europeana as pan-European web-based digital cultural platform
  • Foster content supply by optimising our data and aggregation infrastructure
  • Improving (meta-)data and content quality
  • Foster reuse of digital cultural heritage resources by improving content distribution mechanisms
  • Maintain an international interoperable licensing framework
  • Studying the impact of digital cultural heritage

Historiana: history educators’ portal to the Europeana Collections
Within Europeana DSI-3, EuroClio is focusing on encouraging reuse of Europeana’s digital heritage resources. As part of Europeana DSI and DSI-2, EuroClio created and shared curated sets of sources from the Europeana Collections. In addition, the Historiana eLearning Environment was developed to enable educators to create eLearning Activities using Europeana sources. In the coming year, EuroClio and Europeana will continue the development of the Historiana eLearning Environment, develop additional exemplar learning resources, create a teacher training package, and organise a series of (online) workshops on how to use the Historiana eLearning Environment.