Educational Resources

One of the main services that EuroClio provides is the development of educational resources. Whether it is a collection of Teaching Strategies, a Place-based Learning Toolkit or an eLearning Activity, educational resources are always co-designed by transnational teams of educators, education professionals and researchers around the globe. As a Young Professional working on the development of educational resources, you will be involved in co-creating teacher and student materials for different topics such as dealing with difficult pasts in a post-conflict setting, remembrance, and disinformation, with a strong focus on the development of core democratic skills and competences. In addition (and depending on the project), you will also contribute to impact assessment and the development of policy recommendations.

For our work on educational resources, we are looking for Young Professionals with:

  • Excellent writing skills in English;
  • Experience or academic background in pedagogy is considered an asset;
  • Strong analytical skills to critically reflect on the subject matter and understanding the context in which the resources are developed and implemented;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to liaise with different stakeholders in the co-creation and implementation process of resources;
  • Experience with impact assessment is considered an asset;
  • Experience with editing texts for academic or educational purposes is considered an asset.

Professional Development

EuroClio aims to provide online and in-person training and professional development courses to history and citizenship educators. We do this by identifying, together with key partners and stakeholders, topics, practices, and methodologies that become the focus of four yearly webinar series and at least one in-person Professional Development Course: the EuroClio Annual Conference.

For our work on professional development, we are looking for Young Professionals who are able to switch between tasks of different nature and with excellent English writing skills. Other assets include:

  • Experience in event management at a network-based organisation/company;
  • Experience in writing promotional materials for events, as well as event reports;
  • Interpersonal skills for the management of speakers, partners, and participants;
  • (Online) experience in facilitating interactive sessions and dialogues;
  • Experience in using online meeting and event tools such as, Eventbrite, Streamyeard;
  • Experience managing a website (WordPress).


EuroClio aims to engage and inspire history and citizenship educators. Our outreach work is key to this ambition as we write up blog posts, event reports, articles, and reviews while also providing a service to our membership sharing opportunities and external news and events through our website and social media accounts. The Outreach team is also in charge of producing a EuroClio podcast series and for an increasingly important set of video content focusing on event promotion as well as history education more broadly.

For our communications and outreach work, we are looking for Young Professionals with excellent English writing skills. Other assets include:

  • Experience from journalism or communications work at an organisation/company;
  • Experience writing or editing articles/blog posts;
  • Interpersonal skills for conducting interviews and liaising with partner organisations;
  • Audio and video editing skills;
  • Experience producing video content;
  • Experience in design work or the use of creative content tools such as Canva, Affinity, InDesign;
  • Experience managing a website (WordPress).