Research Fellows

Research Fellows are independent researchers and PhD students from different disicplines and backgrounds, working in the field of history education. They are given a grant as well as training to do research with EuroClio. The research fellows help make sure that EuroClio’s projects and measures are evidence-based and target the actual needs and priorities of European history educators.

What is the role of the Fellows?

  • Conduct research in line with EuroClio’s work and mission.
  • Share their results within EuroClio’s network.
  • Share and publish their results in academic and non-academic outlets.
  • Inform the work of EuroClio.
  • Bring their own perspectives and experiences to the network.
  • Nena Mocnik
  • Tanja Kohvakka
  • Melina Foris
  • Rodoljub Jovanović
  • Jan-Christian Wilkening
  • Dea Marić