EUROCLIO Annual Conference 2019: warming up!

It’s already mid-February, and together with spring, the main event of our organization is approaching rapidly. Since last year, EUROCLIO has been working on its Annual Conference 2019, which as every year is gathering history educators from all over Europe and beyond to learn and debate about the latest developments […]

Third L2D Seminar Focuses on Teaching Strategies and Assessment

From 17 to 20 January, Maynooth University, opened its doors to the core team of Learning to Disagree. Anthony Malone and Majella Dempsey, representatives of Maynooth University in the project, hosted the third development and training seminar. In earlier seminars in Topola (Serbia) and Berlin, the core team started developing […]

Help us Understand and Uncover the Educational Potential of Football History!

EUROCLIO, Fare Network, and their partners in the “Football Makes History” project are looking for your help. The Football Makes History project team will develop educational material for formal and non-formal education, using football as a door-opener to teach issues around social inclusion and anti-discrimination. We would like to learn […]

Reflecting World War One Remembrance: lessons learnt

By Jonathan Even-Zohar, originally published on the House of European History website  On 27th November 2018 the House of European History organised a debate around the significance, relevance and impact of the centenary of the First World War. The museum invited speakers representing different fields of public history and remembrance who were actively engaged with the centenary. This event […]

“We” is Defined by Where We’re Heading, not Where We Have Been

The original article was written by EUROCLIO Ambassador Jonathan Even-Zohar on his website. Talking Future of Madurodam – The small city of the smile In 1952 a park was built in The Netherlands which aimed to reinforce a Dutch collective identity and a sense of positivity toward the future. Named after […]

Liberating the Big Data of the Past

  The original article was written by EUROCLIO Ambassador Jonathan Even-Zohar on his website It’s 2025 and you are looking at buying a house. Before you do, you access your timemachine, which puts you in a historical geographic information system. Maybe it’s an Assassins Creed-type immersive experience, or maybe it’s more […]

IX Forum: Intercultural Learning and Exchange Conference in Brussels

  From 24-26 October 2018, Hellen Jansen attended the IX Forum. Intercultural Learning and Exchange Conference, as a EUROCLIO representative on behalf of the VGN (the Dutch History Teachers Association). This conference, taking place in Brussels, was the final conference within the Erasmus+ project Intercultural Learning for Pupils and Teachers. This project […]

Call for Practices on Remembrance Education

Do you have a remembrance practice or strategy that really works for your students or participants? Increase it’s impact, by making it available across Europe! Share your practice with our team of experts. Selected practices will be piloted by these experts with their own students, and used for the production of a […]

Russian Revolution Source Collection: Call for Contributors

  EUROCLIO, with the support and collaboration of the Historiana Historical Content Team, is working on a collection of sources containing multiple perspectives on the Russian Revolution. This piloting project is aimed to set the events in revolutionary Russia into a wider international context and explore the different ways in […]