What it is a webinar?

Webinars take the form of one-hour online workshops or seminars. Webinars are accessible to all participants with an internet connection, from their PC, tablet or smartphone. The webinar software allows participants to share video and audio and, therefore, engage in real-time discussions throughout the session. It is a great way for us all to connect and collaborate from different places and counties, and to advance our professional development.

Some of our webinars focus on building source collections, allowing participants to contribute directly to our collection through the crowd-sourcing approach!

EuroClio is keen to make webinars a regular feature for members so keep an eye out for information on upcoming sessions. Discounts are available for members.

How can you join?

There is no need to download any software or applications to join our webinars, you need only click on a link. For an overview of our upcoming webinars, visit our events calendar.