Historiana is now updated with two new source collections. The first displays the role of women in the First World War. The second explores the impact that the Great War had on individuals, and how people coped with physical injuries.

Women in World War One

This collection of 19 sources provides teachers with some excellent teaching material which is ready to use for the creation of online learning activities. The First World War played a significant role in the history of female emancipation and is an important highlight in the teaching of this historical theme. These resources offer visual materials to help students understand the importance and variety of tasks women took upon themselves in the absence of large numbers of men in their societies during the war. These roles taken on by women greatly contributed to their emancipation in later generations.

Impact on Humans of World War One

Another significant feature of World War One is its impact on humans lives during and in the aftermath of the war. Striking visual sources depicting the lives and struggles of individuals physically and psychologically affected by the war are now available on Historiana. This will make it easier for students to conceptualise the influence that the Great War has had on our society over multiple generations, and the visible and invisible scars it left behind.