On 29 and 30 June, members of the Historiana Historical Content Team Andrea Scionti and Bob Stradling have met at the EuroClio Secretariat in The Hague. Among others, the two have been working with EuroClio trainees on the further development of the Cold War module. This term, trainees have been working on collections concerning “The Death of Stalin,” “1968,” “The arms and space race,” “Resistance through humour,” “Remembering the Cold War,” and “1989.”

Also, Andrea Scionti and Bob Stradling have been discussing strategies for future developments of Historiana as well as strategies for the launch of the newest addition to the Historiana website, the World War 2 module, which is expected to be made publicly available by the end of this August.

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If you are interested in contributing with your expertise to the development of historical content on Historiana, find out more about Historiana’s next module on the Russian Revolution, here.