The Resource Centre for History Education is an on-line repository of materials related to history, heritage, and citizenship education in Europe. The Resource Centre includes examples of practice, policy recommendations, and references to existing databases maintained by other organisations. The materials included in the Resource Centre are provided free of charge.

Historiana – your portal to the past

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Past Times – Talking and Teaching History

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Contested Histories

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  • Recommendations on the Development of Cross-Border History Education Resources
  • Fit for Education – Case Study
  • Learning to Disagree: Policy Recommendations

    Click here for the Policy Recommendations developed as part of […]

  • Football Makes History: Policy & Action Recommendation

Teaching practices

  • Was the Glorious Revolution really “glorious?”

    Introduction Most history textbooks portray the Glorious Revolution as a […]

  • Learning local history through a project that integrates various subjects – “Journey in medieval Saaremaa”
  • Teachers’ Guide on Effective Online and Blended Learning
  • Learning history through folk songs – the case of Seto Leelo

Educational materials

  • Innovation Station Guidelines for Teachers
  • Study Guide Critical History
  • Education Kit on “Fake News and Disinformation” – VPRO In Europe Schools
  • “Who Were the Victims of the National Socialists?” A Toolkit for Place-Based Learning


  • Dealing with parents when teaching sensitive and controversial issues
  • Contested Histories: ‘Muralling’ and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
  • Contested Histories: Robert Towns’ Statue and his Blackbirding Legacy
  • Contested Histories: Legacy of Sir Stamford Raffles in Singapore