In recent years, EuroClio has worked with partners to inspire and support history educators to make best use of new technologies to enhance the teaching and learning of history. One of the main outcomes of these efforts is the creation of the Historiana eLearning Environment, which last year received the LLLAward 2017: Education in a Digital World, in the category “Education and Innovative Pedagogy”.

Historiana includes an e-Activity Builder that enables users to develop enquiry questions, to set up a sequence of learning using digital tools designed by other history teachers, and to get your students to respond to the question in a way that you can assess. The eLearning Activities can be created in any language, and the Historiana eLearning Environment is and will remain free to use for teachers and students. Registered users can save their eLearning Activities.

In order to stimulate the use of this eLearning Environment, EuroClio is organising a series of trainings on how to use Historiana to create online learning activities that help your students to think historically using historical sources from the Europeana Collections. To support these trainings, EuroClio has created a teacher training package that provides support material on how Historiana works, and provides a set of challenges that can be used for initial teacher training or the professional development of history educators. Over the course of the coming months, several workshops will be provided by trainers in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland and Spain to familiarise educators with the Historiana e-learning environment and accessing the Europeana Collections.

Can’t wait to learn more about the Historiana e-learning environment and Europeana’s incredible variety of sources, but unable to attend one of the upcoming events mentioned above? Don’t panic! EuroClio will be hosting an eTwinning Seminar as part of its cooperation with Europeana.

On 14 May 2018 at 17:00 CET, Helen Snelson (Editor of Historiana’s Teaching and Learning section) and Steven Stegers (Acting Executive Director) will provide an eTwinning Seminar that you can join for free.

Click here to find out more information about the eTwinning seminar and how to join your peers online!