About the Project

The importance of democratic governance is increasingly contested in today’s political climate amidst rising populism and authoritarian sponsored propaganda.This project brings 12 partner countries together to uncover the different ways we conceptualize democracy across Europe. What is life like without democracy? What does democracy mean to different people? What is our role as citizens in up keeping our democracy?

By sharing and reflecting on the stories of those that have lived without democracy, we hope to understand how best to strengthen the democratic processes across the continent. In conducting these discussions across national, cultural and generational boundaries we hope to give a voice to those so often excluded from the halls of power.

Project Aims

The overall aim of the project is to bring about greater transnational dialogue about the meaning of democracy by pursuing the following specific objectives:

  • Increasing the historical awareness about the transition to democracy
  • Promoting multiperspectivity
  • Researching how young people make meaning of democracy
  • Creating transnational spaces for European history

Project Activities

The project aims to start with the collection of stories across 12 European countries, organizing local experiences inspired by the stories and developing a European tour of a transnational travelling experience. In addition this will be accompanied by the creation of educational resources and workshops for teachers as well as an accompanying documentary for dissemination purposes.

Project Manager

Eugenie Khatschatrian

Project Support Staff

Zarah Drummond

Giorgia Busato

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