Historiana Labs: AR & QR

Ahoy ye mateys, ‘tis been a while since I’ve written a blog. You probably don’t remember (or maybe some of our devoted readers do), but I’ve been away for half a year, out to sail the Atlantic. While I didn’t pick up any parrots or peglegs, I might have gained […]

Historiana Labs: The 3D-Gallery Generator

    This is a digital tool from Russell Tarr’s popular classtools website. Your students create a virtual 3D gallery. In order to do this they need to act as the curator of their own exhibition. Curation requires them to develop criteria to decide what to put into their exhibition. They then […]

Historiana Labs: KAHOOT: students are crazy about it

Historiana Labs is a place to exchange information related to the use of digital technologies for the advancement of history education. All insights there are shared by people working on the development of Historiana. In this Historiana Labs contribution Súsanna Margrét Gestsdóttir explains the hype about a little tool called KAHOOT: “I […]

Historiana Labs: “Using ThingLink…”

…to help your students analyse historical sources and to revise for exams Getting started: It takes 5 minutes to sign up for the free version of www.ThingLink.com and the free version is quite enough to enable you to provide useful demonstrations and activities for your students, or for them to […]

New Historiana Labs Blog: “Facebook and Fakebook”

“It’s time for Santa and Elves and if we keep playing with our imagination let us look to the online world. If we imagine a big microscope that can look behind web pages, codes and stuff we could probably see the smallest parts of the digital universe. And the smallest […]