Call to fill out Survey: How are the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990’s Remembered?

The Yugoslav wars of the 1990’s are often considered ‘not yet history’. Because the memory of the wars is still relatively recent, they are commemorated in many different ways and have also been widely investigated in connection with transnational justice. Within the wider context of the project ‘Learning a History […]

History that Connects

This project used the development of teaching material as an intense competencies-building course with a particular focus on sensitive and controversial history. Old and new partners were involved on equal footing. This joint effort centrally aimed to strengthen history education by cross-border peer-learning and capacity building and collaborative creation of […]

History in Action – Planning for the Future

The Project has brought together specialists on history and history teaching during the development of the project product the Teacher Resource Book: “Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Country, Every Day Life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia 1945-1990.Yugoslavia between East and West” and the extensive training scheme, to discuss […]

Our 2nd Regional Summer School starts in Montenegro

First day: Western influence on cultural development after the Roman eraAfter a beautiful and interesting ride into the Montenegrin mountains, and a little adjustment to the heat, the 2nd Regional Summer School in Montenegro could finally begin.The first day started with an introduction to multiple organisations who are active in […]

Member Project “Historija, istorija povijest”: Teacher Training in Zagreb

Reconciliation through dialogue in a shared past From 17-21 February this year a training of future trainers as a part of the project “Historija, Istorija, Povijest (HIP) – Lessons for Today” (2015 – 2017) was organised in Zagreb. The project, which is funded by the European Commission, intends to raise attention and […]

[PARTNER] ePACT: Education Partnership for Advocacy, Capacity-Building and Transformation

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to sustaining the democratization process and enhancing conflict sensitivity in the Western Balkans through reforms and implementation of changes in the formal schooling system that will intensify democratic education. The project strives to achieve that education authorities and civil society jointly […]

Swiss Members Publish Bulletin on Conflict Regions

The Swiss History Teachers Association VSVG published their annual bulletin, this year focusing on ‘Other perspectives on Conflict Regions’. The bulletin features an (English) article from EUROCLIO director Jonathan Even-Zohar, who talks about EUROCLIO’s grounding principles, and explains how these apply in (former) conflict regions such as the Black Sea are […]

New Publication by Bosnian History Teachers’ Association

The Bosnian History Teachers Association EUROCLIO HIP-BiH organised on December 4th the promotion of the new puclication “Abuse of history that led to the last war in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A framework for change of paradigm in history teaching in schools in BIH”. Within the project “History that Connects and […]