EuroClio as expertise provider

Over the years, EuroClio has developed a vast network of specialists who work in the field of history, heritage and citizenship education, and gained unique experience in supporting educational reform, continued professional development and event management. EuroClio is sharing this expertise through strategic partnerships and consultancies. Email us at for more information.

EuroClio has supported the work of others by:

  • Reviewing history education curricula, providing input for further reflections and improvements.
  • Developing quality standards for social science teachers based on a review of international practices.
  • Mapping relevant stakeholders and providing logistical support for international meetings, including reporting and the facilitation of round table discussions.
  • Organising professional development courses for teacher trainers, textbook authors, inspectors, and/or practicing teachers.
  • Making recommendations on how to improve the way history is being taught based on the research of the current situation.
  • Making situation analysis based on a fact finding mission on the ground, including visit with the main stakeholders.

Organisations that EuroClio has worked for and with include:

Key to Unlock the Past - Report presentation 2