History of EuroClio

EuroClio – European Association of History Educators, was established in 1992 on request of the Council of Europe to build bridges between history education professionals from all parts of the then recently reunited Europe. EuroClio started as an umbrella organisation gathering 17 founding associations from 14 countries and has since grown to become a far-reaching network of 83 Full & Associate Member associations representing 47 countries in 2019.

In our earlier years, a special focus was put on countries in political transformation and transition, in particular those with inter-ethnic and inter-religious tensions such as Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. We have also worked in regions that have experienced recent violent conflicts such as the former Yugoslavia, Cyprus, Lebanon, and the Caucasus.

Gradually, our projects have focused on the creation of transnational educational materials and the encouragement of collaboration amongst countries within ambitious partner projects. The work has brought together hundreds of historians and history educators to share experiences, to implement innovative learning about the past, discussing also sensitive and controversial issues, and therefore creating new and inclusive historical narratives.