During the EuroClio Annual Conference in Denmark, Learning Editor Helen Snelson and Content Editor Francesco Scatigna, together with team member Ineke Veldhuis-Meester led two peer-review sessions with materials developed in the Decisions and Dilemmas project and received valuable feedback from the international group of participants. The first workshop focused on ‘Understanding change and continuity in the search for European stability 1648-1945’ and included a multi-stranded timeline on this search for stability including events, ideas and global context which was analyzed and assessed. The second workshop had a focus on a different period 1945-1949 and used individual life stories and evidence files to answer questions on how typical the experiences were. Participants gave great input on what to focus on, the necessity to limit the amount of sources handed to students and to the activities in general.

The materials and learning activities will be improved with the inputs collected during these two peer-review sessions and will be used during the final training seminar of the project in February 2016 and become available on Historiana. Keep an eye on our website and newsletter for more information in the fall.