From 12 until 15 December 2014 the Advisory Board of the Historiana project “Decisions and Dilemmas: how to teach about the EU from a historical perspective” met with representatives of the Development Team to discuss the current work and future developments in the project. After a general introduction to the rationale and outline of the project and development so far by Historiana Editor-in-Chief Bob Stradling and EuroClio coordinators Steven Stegers and Judith Geerling, historical content editor Francesco Scatigna presented his work on a timeline for the first section “The long search for stability” starting with the Peace of Westphalia.

On 13 December the team was joined by 5 local Spanish educators. Learning Editor Helen Snelson gave training on a decision-making activity on the European Defense Community and the use of Life Stories. The developed materials and methodologies were received with great enthusiasm and the local educators and advisors gave valuable feedback on how to improve the materials.