Statutes and Internal Rules

The Statutes and the Internal Rules provide information on what EuroClio is and how it is governed. In the Statutes you can find the objectives of EuroClio, our language policy, and an explanation of membership and the bodies that the association consists of.

In the Internal Rules you can find specifications of the statutes. The Internal Rules explain how membership, the General Assembly, the Board and the Audit Committee are organized. Both the Statutes and the Internal Rules can only be changed by the General Assembly.

Policy Documents

EuroClio’s code of conduct is part of our ambition to ensure a safe, welcoming, inspirational and professional environment for everybody working for and with EuroClio, and for those involved in/impacted by EuroClio’s activities and operations.

As for our Child Protection Policy, we recognise that as an international association working in the field of education, children constitute our ultimate beneficiaries. EuroClio is therefore, committed to ensuring the fulfillment of children’s rights including their right to protection. This policy is informed by a set of principles that are derived from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).