EuroClio never misses the highly inspiring School History Project Conference organised annually at Leeds Trinity University, UK. This year, Senior Managers Steven Stegers and Blandine Smilansky attended the Conference from 5 to 7 July 2013. They were able to fruitfully engage with a vibrant community of British history educators during interactive workshops and various informal discussions. As the hotly debated new British history curriculum was expected to be published the week after, vivid debates and in-depth reflection on the role of school history characterised this uplifting event. During the conference, the key contribution of EuroClio was an interactive workshop about Historiana.

Steven and Blandine together with Helen Snelson, a history teacher from York who recently joined the Historiana team, led a workshop offering UK history teachers the opportunity to help shape the online functionalities of Historiana to be developed within the EuropeanCreative project. Driven by the question “What classroom activities would you rather do online, and how?”, the Historiana workshop was an opportunity to harvest ideas and start setting up a focus group on online learning tools, that will play a key role to steer the upcoming developments on the Historiana website. Links were also established with the BBC Learning team and Imperial War Museum to explore possible cooperation in the close future.

To get inspired, discover the Teaching Ideas and Activities section of the School History Project here.