The Historiana Content and Learning Teams are working hard within the EuropeanaCreative project to develop a module on the First World War to stimulate the re-use of content from Europeana for history education. Where the content team is developing 9 content areas including the interconnected world, the descent into war and remembrance, the learning team is developing exemplar learning activities to demonstrate the added value of a combination of online and offline learning on the Historiana website. At the same time our webdeveloper Webtic is working hard on developing a search and select tool, an online annotation of visual sources tool and a compare and contrast tool.

If you are interested in the developments, keep an eye on our website! One of our Learning team-members, Ineke Veldhuis-Meester will provide a workshop during our International Training seminar in San Sebastian next month in which she will pilot some of our learning activities, content and tools.

An official announcement was posted on the Europeana Creative website related to the History Education Pilot.

Would you like to contribute to the WWI module as a content contributor or creator of learning activities, or to improve another part of our website? Contact Judith Geerling.