Recently the Historiana team has started a blog about how to use digital tools for better history education. During one of the meetings of the Historiana Online Learning Team last August, the idea came up to develop a blog about online learning tools and how to use them. While the main goal of the team is to develop both online tools and ready to use content in collaboration with EuroClio, already existing tools also need to be looked into and to be considered for use. Online tools can be of great help for teachers to get students involved and to bring the historical subject to life. Relevant digital means are there to support the work of the teacher, and can play a positive role in the development of present-day history education. In this new blog, the Historiana team will regularly post about useful learning tools which already exist online, how to use them and what advantages they create for teaching students about historical topics.

The blog can be found on the Historiana Labs-website. Historiana Labs is a place to exchange information related to the use of digital technologies for the advancement of history education. Here insights will be shared by people working on the development of Historiana as well as information on (new) tools made by others with suggestions on how to use these to promote historical thinking through active learning. Contributions to Historiana Labs are welcomed, please contact the Historiana team at .

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