Three years after the first version of Historiana – Your Portal to the Past has been launched, the key persons behind the development met at the EuroClio office in The Hague to evaluate the cooperation so far, and agree on a joint vision on the future development of Historiana. This meeting coincided with the 3rd consortium meeting of the “Innovating History Education for All” (online soon) in which EuroClio and partners are working on the development of easy to use tools that are specifically designed to help history educators create online learning activities in their own language. During the meetings, the group worked on idea for a new home page, discussed the research done by the Institute of Educational Research (IBE) on the needs of history educators (in terms of digital learning) and reviewed the first case study made by the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research (GEI) on curricula and policies related to digital learning in the context of history education. As a next step, Webtic (the webdevelopers behind Historiana) will design a new homepage and find a way to integrated the case studies, source collections and timelines from the first Historiana projects into the database developed in the latest Historiana projects. The historical content team will work on the development of content around key moments for European history, and will pilot a new way of working with professional volunteers (which will be first tested during the annual EuroClio conference 2016 in Belfast). For more information, please contact Steven Stegers (Programme Director).