From 12-14 September Bob Stradling and Helen Snelson met in York, United Kingdom with EuroClio coordinators Steven Stegers and Judith Geerling to brainstorm about ideas for new tools for the Historiana website. As a result, the team plan to enable students to make a selection of sources or events and justify their choice, enable them to work with sources and cards on an online canvas, and enable students to compare and contrast source material.

The Historiana team believe that this will encourage real understanding and identification with events of the past, getting students excited about and involved in their history lessons, whilst also giving teachers online tools to maximise students’ learning.

In the coming 3 years, these and other ideas will be further developed into tools for the new Historiana project ‘Innovative History Education for All’. The team aim to achieve the tools and content to deliver a truly multiperspective, exciting and valuable history education through these initiatives and collaborations.