From the 1st until the 4th of March 2012 the fourth Regional Work Session in the EuroClio Programme History that Connects – How to teach sensitive and controversial history in the countries of Former Yugoslavia took place in Pula, Croatia. The History Teachers Associations from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia participated actively in the event. They were joined by observers, representing the EuroClio Member Associations in Turkey, Italy and Switzerland. Moreover, several representatives of the Istrian History Society also attended the meeting. Seven new draft teaching modules were presented by the different History Teachers Associations, and the tewnty-two existing modules were peer-reviewed by the participants, observers and experts. Overall, the meeting was successful in reaching its aims, as well as it created fertile soil for debates, capacity building and engagement across borders. In total 46 people from 12 different countries participated in the event.