The final Capacity Building and Curriculum Workshop of the EuroClio/Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs project “History that Connects – Republic of Macedonia” took place in Veles, Macedonia. Over thirty history teachers from Skopje, Veles and the region gathered between 27- 29 of June. The structure of this event was similar to the teacher training sessions in Ohrid and Stip. There were several presentations from regional observers about the educational status in Scotland, Ukraine, Kosovo and Serbia. Also international experts Neil McLennan and Iryna Kostyuk, gave interesting and dynamic workshops about active learning and interactive history teaching. Participants were given new insights how to teach sensitive topics in history and how to promote active learning in the classroom. These activities and aims where strengthened by guest speaker Albert Hani from the ZDF Forum, who gave a clear overview of the activities of his organization. Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, activated the participants  in discussions about the recommendations that were suggested during the previous two seminars in Ohrid and Stip about textbooks and curriculum. The participants discussed actively and the end result was very inspiring. During the concluding session many expressed the intention to actively use these active learning methods in the classes and to participate in the first annual conference of ANIM in august. This project will be concluded in august when the ANIM and EuroClio will present their recommendations to the Macedonian Minister of Education.