On 2-7 December 2013, EuroClio participated in the Seminar “International Comparison of Textbook Content Design” held at Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research (GEI) in Braunschweig, Germany. The event brought together 20 history educators, textbook authors, and education experts from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia, as well as international research fellows at GEI.

EuroClio was represented at the event by Director Jonathan Even-Zohar and Trainee Sven Mörsdorf. EuroClio member Besnik Emini, Vice-president of ANIM (Association of History Educators in Macedonia), held an active workshop on using multi-perspectivity in teaching controversial and sensitive history, and also presented the History that Connects the Western Balkans programme.

The seminar provided a unique opportunity to discuss and compare a variety of important influences on history education in the region, e.g. the realities of textbook authorship, the requirements of different curricula and the state of their implementation, and good practices for creating and using innovative teaching materials and learning activities.