The First Capacity Building and Curriculum Workshop within the Curriculum EuroClio/OSI/UNAOC Programme “History that Connects – How to teach sensitive Topics in Macedonia” was held recently in Ohrid, Macedonia, 15 – 18 January 2012. Representatives from all Former Yugoslavia, as well as contributors from Finland and Estonia were actively engaged during the workshop. In total 39 history educators participated, mainly from the Regional Western part of the Republic of Macedonia. The workshop organized by the History Teachers Association of Macedonia cheap nfl jerseys (HTAM), and enabled the participants to develop the organizational and networking capacity of the Association of History Educators in Macedonia(AHEM).

Many topics were discussed, using creative World Café Policy Methods, including curriculum design cheap jerseys from China and development, textbook production and the systems of in-service and pre-service teacher training. Through this seminar, the outlines of the research on the development of History Education in the country became clear. Furthermore, the Workshop was DOWNLOAD a good wholesale jerseys opportunity to network, build the capacity of the Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Kosovar, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian and Slovenian History Teachers Associations, as well as the overall regional capacity and the capacity most of individual professionals and to present the current state of history education issues of the countries of sintomas Former Yugoslavia. A full report will be issued soon.