On 3-5 July 2014, in Mavrovo, Republic of Macedonia, nearly 70 History Educators from all over the country and from different backgrounds came together for the launch and teacher training seminar within the EuroClio Project “History that Connects”. Over the two days, participants engaged with the material through active workshops provided by local and regional trainers, including the Project Editors Bojana Dujkovic-Blagojevic, Milos Vukanovic and Mire Mladenovski, as well as one of the module author Iljo Trajkovski. In addition, an active group discussion was held on the future plans for the Association of History Educators in Macedonia, including Study Visits abroad, national projects and new themes to develop. A full report will be made available after the summer. The Macedonian-language version of the book “Once Upon a Time…We Lived Together” can be requested free of charge via e-mail (due to filesize). Unfortunately it was not possible to finalise the Albanian-language version on time for the event. This is expected before September.