On 3-5 July 2015, in Zagreb, an important meeting within the Anne Frank House Project “Historia, Istorija, Povijest” was held. At this meeting teams from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia presented proposed exhibition panels on the history between 1945-2000, which aims to complement a travelling Anne Frank House Exhibition in the region. The teams also took part in workshop classes which aimed to pilot prepared lesson plans. EuroClio Director Jonathan Even-Zohar was invited to the meeting to reflect with the participants and advisors on the methodology of the lesson plans, as well as the larger project process.

He highlighted to the project team the need for the material to be engaging for students, but also the the need for using real broad range of perspectives to better be able to address the complexity of this history. Many of the educators involved in this project are connected to the National History Teachers Associations, or confirmed to seek contacts following the summer months.

This project is a cooperation between the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and its partners HERMES (Croatia), Humanity in action (BiH), Open communication (Serbia), and Youth Educational Forum (Macedonia). This project is funded by the European Union – More information will be available via the Anne Frank House.