One month after the meeting in Skopje, editors of the seven countries that participate in the project History that Connects met in Struga from the 22nd to 24th July for their fourth editorial meeting. They discussed the previous meeting and the one before publication of the materials, where teachers and history teachers will be present. That meeting will mark the end of three years of a successful and very interesting project.

Similar to the meeting in Skopje, the meeting was divided into three parts. Each one was very constructive. During the first part, editors from the seven countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Monte Negro, Kosovo, Macedonia) wrote an introduction for the next publication, divided 23 workshops (modules) by subject and by group and suggested several titles of the future publication.

The second part of the meeting was used for another workshop overview. Regarding the notes from the previous meetings, the editors reviewed all workshops and wrote the last instructions and comments for workshop authors. The authors improved their workshops in many cases. The results of so much interactive team work are finished workshops from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo. Those workshops are ready for printing. The ones from Serbia still need a bit of improvement while, unfortunately, the ones from Montenegro were not reviewed, because the authors did not correct the flaws. The authors of the mentioned countires received a shorter deadline for workshop correction.

During the third part of the meeting the technical details for the next publication were negotiated. Three types of book breaks, proofreading and translations into different languages were discussed. Finished workshops from the five countries were prepared for translations into English. And finally, tasks for the next meeting in the second half in October were divided among the editors.