A very distinctive meeting between history teachers and editors of workshops of educational material from the project History that Connects was held in Osijek from 18th to 20th April.

Within this project that runs from 2011-2014, the first editors meeting was held in Vienna in March this year where editing guidelines and tasks were defined for the following period.

Seven countries editors participated in the Osijek meeting: Slovenia (Marjeta Šifrer), Croatia (Igor Jovanović), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bojana Blagojević-Dujković), Montenegro (Miloš Vukanović), Kosovo (Donika Xhemajli), Serbia (Emina Živković), Macedonia (Mire Mladenovski).

Teachers and editors examined the workshops from Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the examination, topics as historical sources, content, multiperspectivity, the workshop’s controversy were taken into consideration.

While examining the educational modules from the noted countries, the teachers were helped by Mire Mladenovski’s notes who had summarized opinions and instructions of Macedonian teachers-practitioners who piloted the modules in the seminar in Macedonia. In addition, the editors went through the written comments and constructive remarks on the modules by Joke der Leeuw-Roord, EuroClios Executive Director.
Not only in Macedonia were the piloting sessions held, but also in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since the piloting results are of importance to the editing process, a next one will be held in Valjevo, Serbia on the 19th of May.

After the examination of the workshops, notes and comments were made which will, along with the recommendations and instructions, be carried out to the authors from the specified countries.

The next meeting, with the purpose to examine the rest of the workshops from Slovenia, Kosovo and Serbia, will take place in Skopje from 7th to 9th June.

The little bit of the free time that the editors had, was used for a short sightseeing trip of Osijek and its landmarks. They were guided by their colleague Denis Detling, a great enthusiast of the city of Osijek and its history.