In the period between July and mid-October, over 500 History Educators from all countries of former Yugoslavia were able to participate in Public Launch and Teacher Training Seminars organised in Mavrovo (4-5 July, Macedonia), Prizren (12-14 September, Kosovo), Ljubljana (17 September, Slovenia), Zagreb (18-19 September, Croatia), Belgrade (25-26 September, Serbia), Podgorica (6-7 October, Montenegro) and Sarajevo (12-14 October). At every event EuroClio Director Jonathan Even-Zohar together with the Country Coordinators and the Country Editor presented the new Resource Book “Once Upon a Time…We Lived Together” in the different language editions – following small technical edits, all these versions will be made available online in the coming month.

The seminars all had strong regional dimensions with Trainers coming from other countries, and the remainder of the time together was spent to do active training on using the material. A full report of all events will be availble in one month time. Lot’s of input and pictures have already been shared on the EuroClio Facebook Group.