Between 24-27 April, EuroClio Senior Manager Jonathan Even-Zohar, accompanied by the Vice-President of the Association of History Educators in Macedonia, Mr Besnik Emini, had a series of meeting in Pristina to find out if EuroClio could organise a new project in Kosovo – under the umbrella Programme History that Connects – How to teach sensitive and controversial history in the countries of former Yugoslavia. Mr Arber Salihu and Ms Donika Xhemajli, who have founded the Association of History Teachers in Kosovo very warmly hosted the delegation and made sure a full programme with relevant meetings was set up. Amongst many others, the delegation met Mr Usmen Baldzi, the Deputy-Minister of Education, Science and Technology, and with Mr Rame Vataj, Chair of the Education Committee of the Kosovo Assembly. Both expressed a clear positive awareness of the work of EuroClio and wished very much for new projects to be implemented. In order to gather a better understanding of current donor programmes involving history education, the delegation met with Ms Sophie Beaumont at the EU Delegation, who shared a manifold of relevant contacts, ideas and projects. Similar meetings were held with the Missions/Offices of USAID, British Council and OSCE. All resulted in positive new information. In the coming time, EuroClio and the Association of History Teachers in Kosovo will work to gather the required support to organise a new project in Kosovo. For more information, please contact Jonathan Even-Zohar at