Between 12th -14th September, in Prizren (Kosovo), EuroClio in partnership with the History Teachers’ Association in Kosovo undertook a successful training seminar within “History Matters. New Steps for History Education: Supporting the Successful Implementation of the Kosovo Core Curriculum for History” embedded with the launch of the educational publication ‘Once Upon A Time… We Lived Together’ developed in History that Connects project ‘How to Teach Sensitive and Controversial History in the countries of former Yugoslavia‘ (2011-2014) project.

The training was attended by more than 30 history educators across Kosovo. The training programme which started with an official welcome and speech by the representatives of EuroClio continued with an active workshop day, led by teacher trainers from United Kingdom focusing on the use and analysis of sources, and workshops based on the modules from Kosovo and Macedonia. Trainers in the seminar introduced the participants to the online tools and sources available on the Historiana Programme (online history teaching portal) and instructed them to develop their own module using the sources in the Historiana collection, and to share their ideas with their peers.

The Ambassador of Norway to Kosovo, Jan Braathu who joined the concluding session of the seminar stressed the importance of the work to be achieved in this project. During his inspirational speech, Mr Braathu stressed: “It is not only history project, not only about methods, association building, it is about all of these, it is developing critical thinking among young people in your country. This is an overall objective, alongside some other objectives”.

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